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Homeschool statistics have surged over the last ten years, almost doubling in number. According to the most recent data, there were about 3.1 million homeschool students in 2021-22. That is roughly 6% of all school-aged children.  


Parents are choosing to homeschool for a variety of reasons. For instance, it allows them to customize curriculum in a way that best suits their child, it provides a safer learning environment for the child (no violence, drugs, vaping, etc.), and it gives them more opportunity to impart their values and morals to the child. Studies also show that homeschool children typically score 15-25 points above public-school students on standardized academic achievement tests. 


Many parents would like to homeschool their children, but they do not feel properly equipped or qualified to do so. Others worry about the lack of social interaction with their peers. If that is you, we can help. North Point Church is launching “North Point Homeschool Academy” for the 2023-24 school year. The Academy will provide 3 periods of instruction every Tuesday and Wednesday from 10-2pm for all levels (preschool-high). The classes are taught by our staff, several of whom are certified teachers. We will also provide a devo, time for lunch, and recess. Parents are not expected to participate.


The goal of the Academy is to cover core subjects as time permits each day, as well as other things like art, cooking, and photography. Most importantly, we will provide positive, spiritual learning. Uplifting devotionals will be led by our minister before lunch each day.


Homeschooling is now a mainstream alternative to the public school system, and it is much cheaper than private schools. Students thrive academically in this environment and there are plenty of opportunities to socialize with others (including organized sports leagues). North Point Homeschool Academy can partner with you to make this a reality. If homeschool is the right move for your family, please follow the above link.




NP prioritizes our children. We know the importance of planting the seed of God's Word into the hearts and minds of our kids, so they will grow into fruitful Christians. We want to raise them up abundant in knowledge and with a fervent passion to live for Jesus Christ!

The children of now will become the church of tomorrow. In order to allow the Word of God to grow within our children, we offer bible classes for all ages on Sunday and Wednesday, and on the first Monday of every month at our popular Kid's Bible Story Hour!



In order to accommodate our brothers and sisters who cannot physically make it to services, we have created a Paypal account which can be used to make contributions to the church. Please know that this method is very secure.

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